You imagine, I guide, we walk, you arrive...


I offer effective strategies in becoming more self aware, improving your relationship with yourself and with others, and in finding relief from suffering. 

Together we will discover what parts of your individual experiences are genuinely helpful toward your goals and which are old, carried-over habits proven no longer useful. 

I believe that the client and therapist together are the only ones who can define what is most therapeutic. There are so many different lenses from which to explore. We will find those lenses which provide the fullest understanding of what is unknown and what allows for the richest experiences of being. 

We will work together to address areas of difficulty and to utilize areas of strength by drawing from the following approaches:  

Existential Psychotherapy (Exploring the ways in which your individual and unique experiences relate to universal human concerns and overcoming anxieties about meaninglessness, isolation, death and making choices. This client-centered approach emphasizes the immediate present and treats you as the unique individual that you are, rather than categorizing and comparing you to others)  

Focusing oriented psychotherapy (Increasing mind-body awareness which allows you to be more genuinely and comfortably present with yourself and with others) 

Mindfulness (A meditation-based treatement taken from Buddhist and Yoga practices helpful in addressing anxiety and mood disturbance)

Brief-solution focused therapy (Goal-oriented therapy focused on effective solutions for very practical problems) 

Motivational Interviewing (Uncovering internal motivation and desire to change unwanted habits) 

Psychodynamic (Addressing the unresolved past which negatively affects your present and your future, and addressing difficult interpersonal conflicts which stand in your way)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (Learning how our thoughts affect our behaviors and vice versa)  

Trauma therapy (Focused on the reintegration of the parts of the self that have been paralyzed since the time of the trauma and learning skills to find a comfortable distance from the events and strength in the present self to heal)

I continually work to expand the scope of my practice so that I can work as holistically as possible. I do not find it helpful to solely address the mind or the body, but instead look at one’s entire experience that includes the complex interplay of both mind and body. I am interested in the ways in which nutrition, sleep, exercise, substance/prescription use, and chronic/acute medical conditions all affect our mental health. My extensive work with older adults suffering from major medical conditions has made me appreciate how sometimes only very slight changes in medical treatment or daily habits can make major differences in our mood or thought processes.  If desired, I can work closely with your medical professionals to ensure that we are fully addressing all of the factors that can complicate the way you feel.     

Individual therapy- $100 per 50 minute session 

Couples therapy- $150 per 90 minute session

In-home psychotherapy-  $100 per 50 minute session plus travel time from my office billed at $60 an hour in 10 min increments. Mileage will not be charged. 

I offer a free 20-min phone consultation for individuals, or to one individual in a couple, if you have any questions regarding my practice or approach before our first visit. If we meet and determine that I’m not the best person to help you, I have an expansive network of colleagues to whom I would be happy to refer you. 

Group psychotherapy- $40 per 90 minute session prepaid monthly; $30 per session for students.

SLIDING FEE SCALE:  In hopes of providing access to professional and qualified care to all income levels, a portion of my practice is billed at a sliding scale cost dependent on income and circumstance. Please feel free to inquire about the availability of a fee that is affordable to you.  

I'm licensed as a licensed professional counselor in Oregon. I'm covered under most out-of-network policies. You can check with your insurance policy to determine how much of my fee they will cover. I will be happy to provide you an invoice or fill out paperwork required by your insurance company for out-of-network billing, but I do not bill insurance companies directly. Payment is due at the beginning of every session. 

 Tara Renee Breitenbucher, MA, LPC

115 NW Greeley Ave.

Bend, Oregon 97701