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Healthy Relationships Group

Every first Sunday from 5pm-7pm, I'll be hosting a group for anyone interested in learning more about creating and sustaining healthy relationships. The groups will be drop-in and donation based. Both couples and individuals are welcome. I'll be discussing a topic, facilitate a group discussion, and provide homework for those who want to take what they learned home with them. The first group will be December 3rd, and every 1st Sunday after that. The topics will be different every month for 4-5 months and then repeat. So far, topics included are, but may not be limited to, attachment, communication, intimacy, and dealing with conflict. People are welcome to come for repeated topics for as long as the group is helpful to them.

All are welcome! The group will be held in Mandala Midwifery's clinic, though the group is open to any couple or individual willing to participate. Couples may be with or without children, of any sexual orientation, and any duration or quality of togetherness. Individuals participating may be single and wanting to learn more for their next relationship, or individuals in a couple who are not both present. Please only bring infants if necessary, as older children may be distracting. 

January 7th- We'll be discussing communication. We'll explore all the ways we communicate without meaning to, how we fail to communicate when we mean to, and how we often misinterpret or unknowingly rely on "mind-reading." Relationships can become surprisingly rich, and significantly easier, once both people are committed to increasing the clarity, frequency and intention in their communicating.

We'll explore where in our daily schedules we are able to commit to conscious communication, despite busy days full of kids or work, and there will be 2 take home exercises. One exercise will guide you to through a particular way of communicating aimed to increase understanding, validation, and empathy, even on topics upon which you don't and won't ever agree. The second exercise will help you create healthy communication habits beginning with short, specific daily checkins focused on your relationship, while keeping them from becoming long, drawn out, "relationship talks," that often turn into arguments. 


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