Mastering the Moment, a unique guide to addressing unwanted habits, will be published Summer 2019!

Mastering the Moment: A Process of Gaining Control Over our Habits Through Mindful Awareness is currently in its testing phase. The manuscript is available to people willing to commit to 2 months of process work with the book and a partner. We will be refining, publishing, and starting workshops based on the manuscript by Summer 2019. Contact the author, Tara Renee Breitenbucher, here if you’re interested in testing the book, obtaining a finished manuscript after testing, or participating in workshops.


Mastering the Moment is a unique process of addressing unwanted habits through a process of mindful awareness.

This book will help you to construct an entirely different relationship with your behavior, thoughts, and experiences.

You’ll gain control over the crucial moment between being triggered to engage in an unwanted behavior, and actually enacting it.

You’ll incrementally, but permanently, move in positive directions. You primary motivation to address your unwanted habits will no longer come from fear or shame, but out of growing awareness will grow an inherent motivation toward what is healthy and balanced.